what ‘vinos sin protocolo’ is all about


que és ‘vinos sin protocolo’

o que é ‘vinos sin protocolo’

I like to think that “Vinos sin protocolo” is a subversive movement within the “wine sphere”. 

When I first started working art DAF, an advertising agency specialized in the wine industry, I felt ignorant. It was all very foreing to me. I didn’t even like wine! (Can you imagine? Dark times!)

Time passed and I started to learn and to have fun. Months after, I went from working at DAf to working at Cono Sur Winery. A few corporate trainings, tastings and wine fairs later I realized I really liked wine! But I felt very limited to Cono Sur’s portfolio so I went looking for external training and ended up taking the WSET 2 and 3. They blew my mind. They were very challenging and  gratifying at the same time, but also felt a bit “too” serious. 

Every time  I met someone outside the industry – consumers, wine lovers – I realized many of them felt something very familiar to me: fear. Fear of sounding ignorant; fear of saying they appreciate a wine everybody hates, or hating a label that everybody loves. Fear of having an opinion and somehow being wrong.  Fear of making a mistake. 

A fear that I experience to this day whenever I’m talking to winemakers, sommeliers, journalists, or even colleagues. But the truth is that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to appreciating a bottle of wine. Of course, wine professionals have their own codes and filters to evaluate a wine label, but I believe these values should not be passed down to consumers. Let me explain. 

Consumers should not feel like hostages of producers, medals, scores, journalists or sommeliers. The consumers should feel comfortable and confident enough to choose a wine label on their own and not feel insecure. That insecurity is our fault. We are all guilty of making wine intimidating. 

The truth is: there’s no right or wrong when it comes to wine. There are wines we like, and wines we don’t like! Sometimes we like bad movies, don’t we? The script is bad, the acting is worse, there’re continuity errors, but we love them anyway. It is the same with wine! 

Ok. So I’ve been rumbling too much to get to the point. “Vinos sin protocolo” is an invitation for you to face your fear of wine. Do not let fear keep you from enjoying a bottle. Don’t be intimidated. The best way to learn is drinking! Taste all you can get your hands on! Spend as much or as little as you want, just keep drinking! And the reviews that I write? Feel free to ignore them all! Those are my creative outlets, they help me train my wine tasting technique, they are my excuse to drink wine. Just open a bottle and take your own conclusions. Have fun! Don’t judge yourself. Enjoy! And remember to drink in moderation, ok? 

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What will you find in this blog?

Some wine reviews, curiosities about grape varieties, interviews, some personal stuff that gets a bit off-topic, photographs and a lot of experiments. 

This project was born as a creative outlet. When I finished the WSET 3 I thought: “What do I do now? What do I do with this?” I did not know how to capitalize my training. Well, I still don’t. But I do know that I have some wine training and that I also have advertising training; years of experience in generating creative content and campaigns. I haven’t, however, had the chance to create for myself! Without restrictions, without following a rulebook. So it was about time! I will create content about wine with complete disregard for all the protocols, decanters, crystal glasses, gourmet pairing and fancy vocabulary that make the wine world seem so intimidating when it is actually so fun and passionate. Let’s see what happens, shall we?

Published by Clarissa Toledo

Brasileña redisente en Chile- Publicista con 14 años de experiencia, 7 años en comunciación digital - WSET 3 en Vinos - Web Manager de Viña Cono Sur

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